1 Year of Learning Game Development In 6 Minutes

I spent almost 1 Year learning game development in Unity, with no prior experience, and here’s the entire progress in 6 minutes!
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Almost 1 year ago I started learning game development in Unity. That means I had to learn c#, how to make game assets, and a billion other things. I’ve made 5 games so far: a 2d hack and slash game, a voice-controlled platformer, a tower builder for androids, a 3d RPG gladiators game, and a 3d puzzle game. How did I do all of that? Well, youtube is full of great game dev videos, and… ok ok, it was brackeys.

● About
Digging deep, huh? I am an indie game developer and self-taught(don’t know much) programmer and artist. I make videos about games I make in Unity’s game engine, drawing game assets, and everything related to games in general. If you are an epic gamer yourself you should join my journey and be a part of it!

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