Games Talks 2020: Cecile Richard, award-winning creator of Bitsy games | novena, ENDLESS SCROLL

Cecile Richard, the creator of the award-winning poetic Bitsy games ‘novena’ and ‘ENDLESS SCROLL’, joins us for a chat about the development of their games and career so far.

ACMI and RMIT present Games Talks 2020
With all of the extra time that everyone is currently spending at home, there has never been a better time to pick up a new game – or perhaps to begin making one. The Games Talks 2020 series brings together some of Australia’s best and brightest coders, leaders, developers, artists and animators to take you behind the scenes of their games and their careers, and to answer your questions.
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About Cecile Richard
Cecile Richard is a graphic designer, illustrator, zine maker and game designer living in Melbourne whose artistic work often revolves around memory, connection and belonging. So far Cecile has been specialising in making increasingly intricate games in Bitsy, including award-winning short games ‘novena’ and ‘ENDLESS SCROLL’.

Check out their games:

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