Making Your First Indie Game (5 Tips for 2021 & 2022!)

Start your first indie game right! Here are 5 tips I’ve learned as a full time dev.
► Learn Game Dev (Get 25% off with code LETSGAMEDEV):
► Learn 2D Art (Get 25% off with code LETSGO):
► Get my 2D Game Kit Free:
► Learn my secrets to 6 figures as a game dev, year after year!
► Thumbnail art from Firewatch:
► Wishlist “Father”:
► Edited by:
► Follow Thomas on Instagram:
► Follow Coder of “Father” Ajay:
► Follow “Father” 3D Weapons Creator, Felipe:
► Follow “Father” sound designer, Hector!
► Play Neversong:
► Play Pinstripe on Switch or Steam:
► Check out my games:
► Ask a question on my subreddit:
► My Studio Set-Up:

Publisher resources:
► How to get money from publishers with just a demo:
► Why publishers:


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